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How to change Java version to Java 5 on MacOSX Tiger


This procedure is neither confirmed by apple, nor thoroughly tested by anyone. Also, following procedure makes use of root privilege to modify some directory structure of the system, which can make critical change to system. Therefore, please apply the following procedure only if you understand the explained procedure completely and accepts the potential damage that can be caused.


  1. Download J2SE 5.0 release 1 for Tiger.

  2. Install downloaded package.

  3. Open

  4. $ sudo su

  5. Type in your password (not root password)

  6. # cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions

  7. # mv CurrentJDK CurrentJDK.old

  8. # ln -s ./1.5.0 ./CurrentJDK

  9. # ls -l CurrentJDK
    if it looks like "CurrentJDK -> ./1.5.0", you're all set.

Official update of Java5 is provided by Apple now. Please use it instead.

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Javaの理論と実践: パフォーマンスに関する都市伝説を再検証する
Java Technology@Sun microsystems

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Gentoo Installation Memorandum

This is still a draft.

Points to make sure

Portmap is not installed by default. Don't forget to install.


Gentoo handbook
General instruction to install Gentoo
Gentoo Alternate installation method HOWTO
Install Gentoo from Knoppix. This way, you can have GUI internet access while installing.

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