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How to enable Japanese support on WindowsXP English version


In order to enable Japanese support in WindowsXP, you need to install the character set conversion table for Japanese, Japanese fonts, Japanese IME. In order to use Japanese software, you need to set the default character set as Japanese for non-unicode softwares.


  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Open "Regional and Language Options."
  3. Click "Language" Tab.

  4. Enable the check box of "Install files for East Asian languages" in "Supplemental language support" section.

  5. Click "Advanced" tab.
  6. Enable all the check boxes that have "Japanese" in label. Those check boxes are in "Code page coversion tables" section.

  7. Select "Japanese" on the pulldown box in "Language for non-Unicode programs" section.
  8. Press OK button and close Regional and Language Options.

  9. Restart the computer, and you're all set.


Some procedures may be omitted by mistake. I appreciate your feedback. Please send any feedback to

You may be able to set your WindowsXP to handle other East Asian languages such as Chinese or Korean, but I'm not sure because I haven't tried yet.

Posted by Pju on May 8, 2005 07:43 AM


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